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<the program>

3R Performative residency was a 24/7 experience that co(n)fused life and performance while exploring modes of sustaining togetherness, repairing life-ness and re-considering our value systems. We lived for 2 weeks in a shipping container within the Performance Arcade 2022, and our dwelling was sourced by seeking/finding/gathering “waste” matters, materials and materialities from the surrounding community. 

<form of access> selection


<conditions for participation> 14 days, allyship between Janaína Moraes, Joanna Cook, Adam Ben-Dror, Caio Silva, The Performance Arcade, The Rubbish Trip and Kaicycle. 

<the space> The Waterfront, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington)/ Aotearoa (New Zealand)


<activities developed by the residence> Collective nap; Composting conversations; Residual painting; Reverse Trade; Rituals of connection; Reparação; One minute choreographies;  Rubbish portraits; How far can we connect?; Large scale documentation; Re-homing

Mushroom Gallery

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