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<the program> 

'How to feed choreographies and to choreograph food?' 6 artists in residence live together for 15 days to engage with the pleasures of the

body and the whole food. Over this period, the house open space to shared practices that engender (im)possible relationships between people-bodies and food-bodies.


Alimentança is an art residency program that investigates the interface between dance and conscious eating. It was born by asking what choreographic creation can have in common with the preparation of food. A meeting place for artists of different languages (dance, theatre, music and performance) and "food practitioners" (nutritionists, cooks, farmers etc), Alimentança proposes to investigate culinary and poetic daydreams with the challenge of understanding dance and food as compositions of desire.

<form of access>


<conditions for participation>

2 weeks, self-managed


the space 

House: 715 Sul (Brasil), kitchen, lounge, garage, barbecue area, sauna, 4 bedrooms, toilets. 


activities developed by the residence 

movement exploration, cooking experimentation, open workshop, open talk (in person and live-streamed), performance/exhibition weekend

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