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Retracing the city, turning our attention to the (un)seen assistances of/for the trees.

Traversing as a poetic exercise. Crossing and passing.

Des/accelerating to perceive. 


Assistir (to see) is to watch, to observe, to look,

it is also the Portuguese verb of assistance, of being present in a situation or being disposed in relation to something

A walking performance. Choreographic landscapes.


How can one assist/see green public spaces - the existing and the non-existing - summarised in the image of the trees?  

collaboration between Brazilian artists Fany Magalhães and Janaína Moraes after experiments in art residency in Teresina/Piauí.  

Tāmaki Makaurau, 2020

Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa • walking practice

Collaborators: Fany Magalhães, Gabriel Guirá, Joaquim Oitavo & Jasmine Indigo

Photos by Courtney Rodgers


Walk from Mayoral Dr to Aotea Square, passing through Myers Park and Queen St. Around 20 people carrying chalks to mark words in the fleshes of the city. The group shared three protocols of inititation: a) 'scaping - slipping away, crossing in [an]other s/pace, turning and returning, attending to the escape lines.  b) landing - pausing, lingering on a specific s/pace, assuming an[other] position with locations you [want to] land onto.  c) landscaping - positioning your[self as a] map in the space. 

plantation, 2020

action • planting poetry in the city 


25 seedling tags with seed-poems (poems as small as a seed) were planted around the city of Brasília. In each of them, a provokation for something to be seen - ways of assisting the trees. *in Portuguese the word assistir is both the verbs to see and to assist. Seeds set to assisting on seeing. 

Brasília, 2019

Art residency para assistir árvores • choreographic landscape

Collaborator: Fany Magalhães 

Photos by Sandra Kelly


Two performers cross Brasília in a 4-hour walk, dis\activating choreographies in the landscapes. People were encouraged to capture flashes of their dis\appearances and post on #paraassistirarvores 

Teresina, 2019

Art Residency Poéticas relacionais: dos modos de convidar • site specific iteration

Artists Fany Magalhães, Theodora Matos & Gabriele Trigueiro perform the time of the trees under guidance and provokation of Janaína Moraes during art residency on invitation poetics and relational poetics. Three seedlings were planted alongside the facade of the Cromwell de Carvalho State Library in Teresina/Piauí. The only tools for planting and watering: people's body parts.