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since 2018 I collect memories to dance. in an obsessive journey of conviviality, choreo graphies is a series of choreographic materialisations. set as one on one relational episodes, the work is situated on to specific spaces of encounter between the narrator (audience member) and the narrative (dancer).


the programme consists in: one talk - one choreography - one dance. for each memory told, a choreography and for each choreography a dance to/with the audience member.

as choreographies of telling, reading and hearing, the memories are embodied through voice, inscription and movement, in which rhythms, (s)pace, repetition and minor gestures are captured in-between voice and skin, gesture and ears, sound and paper.


the spaces of togetherness open zones of questioning notions of authorship, collaboration, choreography and dance by waving place and duration of memories themselves.

the felt sense of memories, materialised as dance on paper and on-site, are a continuous-yet-ephemeral becoming, set and transformed by the site it occupies. so far, memories have been danced on streets, corridors, stage, art galleries and audience’s houses.

choreo 3.png

choreo graphies • coreo grafias, 2021

Performance Town • Sandrigham, Tāmaki Makaurau 

durational performance 

photos by Yin-Chi Lee

infusion • infusão, 2020

1º SESC Confluências DF • Brasília/Brazil

collective exhibition - choreographic installation

choreo graphies •  coreo grafias, 2019

Galeria CASA • Brasília/Brazil

collective exhibition - choreographic installation


I dance your memory for 10 R$, 2019

Open Air Fair 2nd Ed • Brasília/Brazil

selling dance

photos by Leo Rodrigues