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<the program> 

Covidi (conviviality validated in designed interactions) was an art residency in response to covid-19. Since everyone was ‘asked’ to be (at) home, I tried to find myself at home in the house I was dwelling in.


At the time, my partner and I had recently moved to Aotearoa (New Zealand) where we were leaving in a provisional house with another 5 people. Having not previously seen any pictures of the place, we have booked, from Brazil, a 2-week stay in Vincent St, Auckland CBD, as a provisional shelter until we could look for a home once arriving in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). In the meantime, however, the first community case was announced and in 24 hours we were moving into Level 4 Lockdown, being unable to move houses and having strictly designed (im)possible social interactions.   


While everyone needed to be sheltered and reclused in a bubble, at that house, I found bubbles within the bubble: invisible borders that build up bridges of behaviour. This art residency sheltered the birth of two artworks that, then, became part of the Tempo Dance Festival 2021 #GoingDigital Programme:

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<form of access>



<conditions for participation>

2 months, self-managed and supported by Tempo Dance Festival


<the space> 

House: 142 Vincent Street, kitchen/lounge, bedroom, toilet 


<activities developed by the residence> 

movement investigation, language transition, video-performance and text. 

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