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<the program> 

I have always wondered why do we have to encapsulate years of research in a 20 min presentation in front of three people?  Or else, why do we call such a moment "defence"? As if it wasn't enough all the argument and justification one has to carve while crafting the research itself. My master's "defence" was an attempt to vent these concerns, while paying the deepest respects to all the people who indeed gave birth to it with me. Well, a research process is never a one woman's work. In this case, it was a long process of intense collaboration between a lot of people, a lot of desires and a lot of residencies. There could be no place more appropriate than opening my home to this 'fight of arts in Academia'. 



<form of access>



<conditions for participation>

for this art residency "in defence", I have invited four artists - Sandra Kelly Lima, Matheus Avlis, Leonardo Rodrigues and Lucas Mattozo - to inhabit the time-space of my master's defence. Opening the living room, the balcony, the kitchen. I chose to shift the rite of passage: A 55h defence. An extended panel: One to defend my research for guest artists; one day to defend it with them and, finally, one day for the residence to defend itself. Confusing per/form/ance and academic norms. 


<the space>

A house, kitchen, garage, backyard.  


<activities developed by the residence> 

such as exhibitions, courses, lectures, meetings, follow-up and tutorials, publications and other forms of events

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